I Happen to Enjoy Sports Stories

Author David Espinoza and Grandson I, David Espinoza, have been one of the authors accepted at the Oregon State Fair since 2008. There is a process involved where you have to apply. I was thankful that I was accepted with the first book I wrote, “Noza A True Basketball Success Story”. This year, 2014, will be my seventh year attending – I feel blessed to be a part of the Oregon Author’s Table in the Americraft Center.

There’s about twenty five or thirty Oregon authors that have a contract to be there the entire duration – eleven thirteen-hour days. That is a grind! I enjoy the thousands of people I get to meet. The objective is to sell an autographed copy of one of my books – to give pleasure to the reader. It’s also fun and educational when I answer any questions they might have.

The Oregon State Fair is so amazing. The rides, with people screaming and having fun, are a sight to see. The food is so tasty – all kinds. The entertainment is always enjoyable – with plenty being free. The vendors’ booths with all kinds of products or services make it a full-day of fun and education. At night the lights are full of beautiful colors and the weather always seems to cooperate every year. The animals are always exciting to see. Last year I saw a lion up close and a panther – doesn’t happen too often.

I sit in the Americraft building in a four-foot space among all the other authors. There are sports-story books (me), fantasy, hiking, history, children’s’ books, etc. One of the well-known authors that attends every year is Bill Sullivan – hiking anywhere in Oregon? He’s got the book for you.

It’s not only work for me, but entertaining at times. You’d be amazed at what people ask. Once there was an elderly lady walking by. We have this huge sign that reads “Oregon Authors” hanging above the center of the area. She looked at me and asked, “Could you tell me where the Oregon authors are?” Another time I had to chase a kid through the fairgrounds. He thought the books were free so he walked out with one of my Noza books.

I happen to enjoy writing sports stories – a passion. Some people are proud to give their opinions on what I write. One man looked at my books and said, “Sports huh? Don’t read the stuff.” A lady once walked by slowly as she stared at my books.

“I hate that those sports players get millions of dollars – they ain’t worth it!” she said.

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“What do you do for a living Mary?”

“I’m an accountant.”

“Do you think people would pay a ticket price to watch you crunch numbers?”

She gave me the dirtiest look and walked off super fast. That was the second year I was there. I have since learned to not get offended by what people say. I’ve learned to just smile and thank them for stopping by.

One time, former Governor Barbara Roberts came by and took a picture with my books. One year Gerry Frank was sitting next to me signing his book. I’ve met several famous people walking through including WNBA and NBA players. They usually buy my Noza book. I’ve met many teachers that like my “Poor Kid, Wealthy Kid” book. I'm currently writing a sequel to this one.

This year I have a new book, “The Professor – Grayson Boucher Plus More NW Sports Stories” – eight success stories from the northwest. Many of the athletes I wrote about in this book are from Salem, Oregon. I hope to see you at the state fair this year. Come say “hi” to me and pick up one of my books.

Thank you to the readers that have enjoyed reading my books or my blog. Every year I see some of you come by – thank you from the bottom of my heart. The reason I love to write is to share with you all – to make it an enjoyable escape from your everyday life.