I came from a small farm town (the ghetto side of Dimmitt, Texas.) In 1976 my family migrated to Oregon. One of my best decisions was pursuing a college degree. Escaping poverty was something attainable with clever decisions and hard work. After my 31-year career as a software engineer for the State of Oregon, I retired and focused on writing and speaking. My hope is to encourage others to overcome their limitations, set goals for the future, and follow their passions.

I've written six books, a memoir, and two eBooks. I love sharing inspirational stories (non-fiction and realism-fiction) that have to do with a certain sport. I like what happens off the field or court - the resilient stories.

Some people may not know that I played professional football (NFA - Northwest Football Alliance) in the 1980s. My highlight was kicking a 56-yard field goal at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane, Washington, when we were playing against the Spokane Fury.

I've had several hardships in my lifetime beginning at five-years old. I experienced a traumatic life-changing accident. And then, one of the toughest hardships was losing my high-school sweetheart to brain cancer in 1994. I was a young adult and we had two little boys at the time. My autobiography, Half Blind with Full Vision, is a book I wrote to glorify God, not me. Jesus was there for me even when I didn't know it.   

I now live in Salem, Oregon, with my wife, Loni. I have two boys and two stepdaughters -- they all have families which have brought us seven grandkids. 

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