New Book Coming Soon! The Professor - Grayson Boucher, Plus More NW Sports Stories


In 2008 I wrote my first book “Noza: A True Basketball Success Story” a non-fiction book based on my son Matt. He never gave up despite obstacles. In 2011 I published my second book, “Poor Kid, Wealthy Kid,” a sports-fiction book based on some of my experiences as a young kid – from Texas to Oregon.

I started realizing how many amazing stories there are here in the great northwest part of the USA. I love this part of the country and plan to spend the rest of my life here.

My wheels started spinning and I wanted to write another book that would expand on my Noza-book idea. Now it’s 2013 and my new book will soon be released – exciting! I’m really praying for sometime in December.

Title: The Professor – Grayson Boucher

Subtitle: Plus More NW Sports Stories

The idea of going into athletes’ homes and interviewing them for hours was a little nerve racking at first. I’ve conducted plenty of interviews, but not of this magnitude. The expectation was unknown. Asking a family to answer questions that were “personal” was educational. I was not only impressed with these athletes and families, but also very thankful for their willingness to share such details with the entire world. It was a great experience. I was passionate about writing this book – really enjoyed it. I thank the good Lord for the guidance.

My new book consists of eight northwest USA true sports stories. The featured story is Grayson Boucher. The additional seven stories are also amazing and unique. You’ll get a good taste of every athlete’s life and how they reached accomplishment.

Grayson Boucher: Featuring Grayson “The Professor” Boucher – a short skinny boy from Keizer, Oregon. He became an overnight sensation signing a contract with the And 1 Mixtape Tour. A big change came about with And 1. He went on to sign a contract with Ball Up Streetball where he’s touring worldwide. Grayson has also played a lead role in the movie Ball Don’t Lie. You will read about where this young man grew up and how it all happened. This is a remarkable basketball story.

Janelle Weiss: At 5’ 5” this young lady was determined to play Division I basketball. She played for West Salem High School in Salem, Oregon, then moved to Beaverton and played with Southridge High School – a power-house team. Overcoming obstacles along the way she returned to West High for her senior year. Several colleges started eyeing her.

Alex Hurlburt: A young boy from Salem, Oregon, that adjusted to society and faced many challenges. Despite being born with a missing limb, he always remembered what his parents told him, “Can’t is not an option.” The challenges started as soon as he was born and led to the daycare center that he attended. He would go on to defy the odds and become a three-sport athlete. In baseball, it was amazing what he accomplished while playing on an all-star team.

Avry Holmes: He’s from Salem, Oregon, a talented young man that was athletic since he could walk. Everything was going great for him. Avry played two grades up sometimes. His dad, Rick Holmes, was his best friend and his coach in many occasions. Avry went everywhere with his dad just to keep learning about the game of basketball. His dream was to play Division I basketball and possibly continue in the NBA. After a phenomenal eighth grade year something terrible happened.

Brooke Chuhlantseff: This young lady is from Salem, Oregon, she loves to run. Her mom was a competitive runner in college. This inspired Brooke to become a runner. They would run together often – daughter would learn from Mom. As a freshman in high school she captured the varsity district championship title in the 1500 meter run – she has a strong vision of the Olympic Trials. She caught attention from several Division I colleges.

Daniel Brattain: He’s a gifted hurdler from Keizer, Oregon. He faced a tough situation with his dad being deployed overseas. Daniel discovered that he was great at running the hurdles. As a freshman his technique was very sharp. The sharpness was due to the hard work he put in at a young age. He made the varisty team as a freshman and went on to set two hurdle records at McNary High School. An amazing story you won’t want to miss.

Brittney Kiser: She’s from Keizer, Oregon, and has a love for swimming. The backstroke is her type. Brittney was doing great and her destination for college swimming was in her future … until something happened. Brittney faced major obstacles, some that would cause her emotional stress. She’s a fighter and one that would not give up her dream but become stronger as an athlete and a person.

Noah Torres: He’s a legend from Moses Lake, Washington. This young boy dealt with a spider fracture in his skull along with more medical issues. Noah is a miracle kid who God kept alive for a reason. Because of his surgeries and recovery time, he began late in the sports world. He loved baseball and nothing was going to stop him from playing. His hard work and persistence landed him a spot on an all-star baseball team.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Blog. I’ll keep you posted as the new book release date gets closer!